Latest Updates

We are shipping updates almost every day. Some of our recent changes are listed below.
Starting Rocket
20th of September 2019

Channel Signatures

You can now add a signature to your channel config. The signature can hold placeholders for things like the agent name, address, job title etc. It will be automatically appended to your outgoing emails.

20th of September 2019

Ticket Email Notifications

We have added email notifications for new tickets.

10th of September 2019

🎉 HelpSpace Launched!

We just launched HelpSpace! You can now register and try HelpSpace for 15 days.

17th of May 2019

Keyboard Shortcuts Added

Switching between tickets is now even quicker by using the arrow keys on your keyboard to move up and down in the list.

9th of May 2019

Improved Ticket Loading Time

Implemented caching into our frontend. It feels a lot more responsive now.

1st of May 2019

Announcing Alpha Stage

HelpSpace is online and reached alpha stage. We are testing and developing the first features. Starting the closed beta soon.

29th of April 2019

Email Channel Ready

The main inbound channel is implemented. Any email address can be forwarded to HelpSpace now. You can create and answer tickets.